Becoming an integral part of The Vertical Church team is what is commonly called "Membership".  At The Vertical Church, we call our members: GOSPEL PLANTERS.  

Below is the steps to becoming a Gospel Planter: 

1.  ATTEND VERTICAL- After you have attended a service, if you feel like God is calling you to join the team as a Gospel Planter through membership, then you move to the next step.

2.  GO TO FIRST STEP AND FIND A PLACE TO SERVE- We believe so much in "serving on a Sunday" being your first step, that we want our potential members to serve for at least 3 months before they are invited to the third step: 

3.  ATTEND MEMBERSHIP CLASS- After you have served for 3 months, you will be invited to come to our membership class.  In this class, Pastor Jason will lead you in what it means to be a member of The Vertical Church.

For more information on this email us at: