The Bible is God's very word to us.  It is alive and powerful.  You can get daily application for your life through the Bible.  We do NOT believe that it is outdated or culturally irrelevant.  At The Vertical Church, we ask people to take the Next Step of becoming "Self Feeders".  This simply means, you are not relying solely on the preaching of God's Word; however, you are also taking in the Bible everyday of your life.  

But, the Bible can be very intimidating to start reading.  This is why we have practical resources for you to start reading the Bible on your own.  

1. HOW TO SPEND TIME WITH GOD CLASS- This is a one time experience led in such a way to help you walk away with an understanding of the Bible and prayer.  If you would like to sign up for the next class, email us:  

2.  HOW TO SPEND TIME WITH GOD EMAIL COURSE- This 12 day email course written by Pastor Jason will guide you on your own personal journey in reading the Bible for yourself.  If you would like to have this course automatically emailed to your inbox for 12 days then CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP