Part 5: Be The One To Bring The One

Part 5: Be The One To Bring The One

Sep 09, 2018

Preacher: Lead Pastor Jason Taylor

Series: Everyone

Category: Sermons


Conversation starter. Start light and fun conversation in your group about the series topic.

  • Talk about experiences anybody in your group has had to take the actions of this sermon series. (i.e. wearing shirts, praying for others, shine for them, sharing your story, and investing in someone new and inviting them to church)

Contemplate. Ask questions to get your group thinking about these principles.

  • Read Mark 2:1-12. Other than Jesus, who were the heroes in this story? Why?
  • How valuable was this encounter with Jesus for the paralyzed man? Why?
  • What do you think went through the healed man’s mind as he took his first steps of freedom from the bondage of his mat?

Contribute. Ask questions that create personal openness in your group.

  • Who was the one that brought you to Jesus?
  • What changes and freedoms have occurred in your life since finding Jesus?
  • Who is the one you want to reach most for Jesus and why?

Cry out to God. Pray intensely for your group on the topic.

            Father, give us the strength to carry the mat for someone who needs Jesus. We want to see people healed by You and make it hard to get to hell from Yuma, AZ. Please place the people on our hearts that You want us to reach so we know which direction to go. Thank You, Father. It is in Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Commit to change. What’s a new area to grow with the Lord?

  • I will continue to always look for people who need Jesus and invite them to church.
  • I will be the one for someone this week by inviting them to church.