Part 5: Are You Going To Do This?

Part 5: Are You Going To Do This?

Jul 08, 2018

Preacher: Lead Pastor Jason Taylor

Series: Miracles

Category: Sermons


Conversation starter. Start light and fun conversation in your group about the series topic.

  • Have the groups talk about missed opportunities or times when waiting to do something caused problems.

Contemplate. Ask questions to get your group thinking about these principles.

  • Read the verses. What do you think your reaction would’ve been seeing Jesus walking on water?
  • Describe the feelings Peter might have been having as he first got out of the boat. How about after Jesus stopped him from sinking?

Contribute. Ask questions that create personal openness in your group.

  • What do you feel God might be asking you to do that you keep putting off?
  • How are you keeping your eyes on Jesus and who or what have you had to or might have to leave behind to keep Him as your focus?

Cry out to God. Pray intensely for your group on the topic.

     Father, we ask that You’d strengthen our relationships with You so we know Your voice. Direct us to where You are at work so we can join You. Give us the strength to leave behind whatever You want us to so we can get to where You want us. Thank You and it’s in Jesus’s name we pray. Amen.

Commit to change. What’s a new area to grow with the Lord?

  • Get baptized Aug. 26th if you were never baptized.
  • Start a new, or join an existing ministry.
  • Forgive someone you’re holding something against or, maybe someone that just bothers you.
  • Leave a relationship or change it to match what is Biblical.