Part 3: Abundant Givers

Part 3: Abundant Givers

Oct 28, 2018

Preacher: Lead Pastor Jason Taylor

Series: This Is What We Do

Category: Sermons


Conversation starter. Start light and fun conversation in your group about the series topic.Conversation starter. Start light and fun conversation in your group about the series topic.• As you serve others, what is it that God is asking you to do? Plan a group project for this week.Contemplate. Ask questions to get your group thinking about these principles.• Talk about the difference between giving and being generous. What is the difference between giving a tithe and being generous?• Read 1 Timothy 6:17-19 and Matthew 6:19-21. What actions, mindsets, character, and attitudes do your group believe will store up treasures in heaven for the believer? Contribute. Ask questions that create personal openness in your group.• What current activities are your group members doing individually that they believe are storing up treasures in heaven?• What type of activities are they involved in with the Christian community that is storing up treasures in heaven?Cry out to God. Pray intensely for your group on the topic.Father, we thank You for all the generosity You’ve shown us by providing everything we need. We thank You for sending Jesus to die for our sins and providing salvation for us all. Help us to grow into the generous people You want us to be. Please Guide our group to serve Yuma and be part of the movement that sees people far from God become the hands and feet of Jesus. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.Commit to change. What’s a new area to grow with the Lord?• I commit to joining this group in the project we plan for this week.• I will do at least one act of generosity on my own for someone this week.