Part 2: Trust and Jump Out

Part 2: Trust and Jump Out

Nov 12, 2017

Preacher: Communications Director Kyle McLaughlin

Series: Divine Direction

Category: Sermons


Discussion Questions
1. Read Proverbs 3: 5-6. This is our key verse in this series. When you read this verse, what sticks out to you? How can this verse apply to our lives?
2. To truly obey Jesus’ call on our lives, how can we trust in his grace on our lives? 
3. Like in Romans 7:25, we may serve God because of grace we still have things in our lives that serve our sinful nature. So, to follow in His divine direction, let’s commit to leave something behind in the boat again today. Write it down somewhere and throw it away before you leave the group. 
4. Like the first point in this week’s message, let’s pray before we go and follow His divine direction. PRAY together that we can TRUST, OBEY AND FOLLOW this week!