Part 1: God Loves Me

Part 1: God Loves Me

Nov 04, 2018

Preacher: Lead Pastor Jason Taylor


Category: Sermons


Conversation starter. Start light and fun conversation in your group about the series topic.

  • What are some of the things you’ve done trying to earn God’s love?

Contemplate. Ask questions to get your group thinking about these principles.

  • Read Galatians 1:6-7: Why does Paul say that this different gospel is no gospel at all?
  • Read Romans 3:10, 23; and 5:8: What do these verses tell us about ourselves and God’s love?

Contribute. Ask questions that create personal openness in your group.

  • Are there any religious activities you’ve done or are doing that have caused spiritual pride? This can be anything that causes you to look down on Christians that don’t do the same activity. You can repent, that doesn’t mean stop doing the activities but to change your heart towards your brothers and sisters. No believer is more saved than another.

Cry out to God. Pray intensely for your group on the topic.

Father, thank You for having such love for us that while we were sinners, enemies of who You are, You sent Jesus to die for our sins. He paid the ultimate price so we don’t have to. Please strengthen us to live every moment of our lives for you. Show us how not to compare ourselves to the other believers around us but to Jesus, who loved us and gave His life for us. Amen.

Commit to change. What’s a new area to grow with the Lord?

  • I commit to reading through Galatians over the next 30 days.