Jesus wants you to "Win With Your Money".  In other words, He created us in His image.  He is generous.  The only way to be generous with our finances is to win with our money.  You have to tell your money where to go instead of just seeing it all go!  

At The Vertical Church, we offer various ways for you to "Win With Your Money".  What is your next step: 

1.  Giving Of Your Finances Back To God: You can go here to start doing that now: START GIVING A PERCENTAGE BACK TO GOD NOW

2.  Learn To Make A Budget: Gather your paperwork: stuff like bills, loans, receipts, personal expenses (e.g. cell phone and entertainment), and paycheck stubs. Then you need to set a date with your spouse (if applicable) in a distraction free zone to tackle your budget together. Bring a calculator! You can download the following two items to help you make a budget: 



3.  One-On-One Coaching: In Financial Coaching, you will learn Biblically-based money management principles and techniques in a private, confidential environment designed to give you practical assistance. If you are interested, please email us at:  to be set up with our Financial Coach. 

4.  Financial Peace University: Several times throughout the year, The Vertical Church offers Dave Ramsey's popular and effective course called, Financial Peace University.  This course will help you learn financial principles in a group environment led by Dave Ramsey and his team.  To find out when our next course is email us: