So...What About My Kid?


When You Arrive, Follow The Blue Arrow To The Kid's Area Entrance!

As you enter the building for Vertical Kids Explorers building, turn right and visit our "Guest Check-In" area.  You will be able to check your kids into the ministry at the station.  The leader at that station will give you a tag for your child that includes a security code as a well as a corresponding tag for yourself.  

How Do I  Pick Up My Kid After The Service?

At the end of the service, be sure to have your kid's corresponding parent security tag with you.  No person will be allowed to pick up your kid unless they have the parent tag that matches the kid's tag.  

What If My Kid Needs Me During The Service?

If your kid needs you during the service, the security code on the parent/kid tag will come up on the screen to alert you to go to the Kid's Area to check on your kid.  

What Are The Age-Groups?

Our children’s ministry starts at 8 weeks and goes up to 5th grade. The class rooms are broken down by:

  • 8 weeks to 11 months old
  • 1 year old class
  • 2 year old class
  • 3 year old class
  • 4 year old class
  • 5/Kinder class
  • 1st – 3rd grade class
  • 4th & 5th grade class

What About The Safety Of My Kid?

Every volunteer in the children’s ministry has a background check to insure your child’s safety. We have at least 2 volunteers per classroom.

Here is a Sneak Peek into our Classrooms...

Check In


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